Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Let's Be Serious

Alright folks, I'm gonna cut through the BS and get real serious. Ready? Sure, this illustration is about my favorite dead cat from when I was little- but it's really a lot more. Who's the dead cat you ask? My mom. Why am I burying her in the backyard with a shovel. Well, let's say this is a step in trying to "put to rest" all of my unresolved feelings about her death. You'll also note the little red birdie in the corner. That's the sign of my most favorite person in the world; my Nanny. Last night I found this forum filled with hundreds of stories of how other people lost their moms to suicide. This illustration can't begin to exhibit what I feel everyday, but it's a start. This one will also be at the PeaceLove show May 22nd. 

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