Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Nice One

While I'm waiting for my other pieces to dry, I decided to ink this baby.

This memory in particular is a good one. I particularly like illustrating my own memories because it helps me reinterpret them and reflect on them. When I was very young, before my mother got sick, we would read together in my parent's giant water bed! We had MANY cats, and they would cuddle up to us. My favorite book is one I still have today. It's a very colorful children's version of the Brother's Grimm stories. There are a few that I would ask her to reread a lot because I especially enjoyed the pictures. It seems while someone is alive, you're quick to remember all the ways they've wronged you. It isn't until they're really gone that you let those things go and the good things creep on back. I'm just sorry I didn't remember them sooner.

This is the initial inking- I'll be coloring it shortly.

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