Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Broken Washer Machine

I haven't worked on any personal work in a while. If you recall, I made this ink drawing a bit ago. So, here it is with a bit of color. I'm pleased with it. I feel like I'm starting to develop some sort of illustration style. It took me a while! My day job at GEF (Green Education Foundation) has really helped.
This piece is specifically about the time our washer machine broke when I was in elementary school. We didn't replace it for some in the time it took to get to the laundry mat, this is what happened. There were piles in our downstairs shower, in my parent's bedroom, in the hallway, on the living room couch, and in our upstairs den. The pile in my parent's bedroom was specifically gigantic. So much so, I felt like I could bury myself in the clothes and no one would find me.
The memories I've put aside for a long time have been popping up a lot lately. Continuing a personal body of work is meant to get them out of my memory and put on paper, so I don't feel like I'm only imagining them.

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