Monday, June 29, 2009

New Job

(44"x60" Oil on Paper)
(44"x60" Oil on Paper)
(8"x12" Oil on Paper)
As we speak I am uploading images to the Applied Arts Magazine for publication in September!
Also. At Sin,we just finished with the Zoobilee Event at Roger Williams Park zoo. The 4 tiered cake I designed and constructed (dummycake with fondant and paint) was luckily a big hit! (photos to come). I find that I have more luck painting and sculpting than I do piping on cakes. But I still hope to learn the art of piping, and do it well.

In addition to working at Sin, I am also working at Beadworks in the Jewelry District of Providence. It's been really great, and I'm learning so much.
I'm happy and content being able to still make things during the day at my jobs, and come home to paint at night. I hope it lasts for a while, until I figure out what the next stage is. Stay tuned.

Oh. P.s. I joined Twitter... if that means anything. See what Im up to!

Above is a painting I recently finished (The one with the House), and Two that were my last two paintings at RISD. Sigh.

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  1. Hooray I am subscribed to your blog finally!! THANK YOU!